Understanding and Defending the Free Market Economic System

Everyone (especially those in Congress) should take a good Micro-economics 101 course and earn at least a B+.  Such a course is normally a full college semester of study that some will find difficult.  This is not that course.  Instead, this course will provide a solid grounding in free market principles without the supply curves, demand curves, marginal cost and marginal utility concepts that cause many eyes to glaze over.  The intent is to impart an understanding of, and appreciation for, how the free market system works its magic.  Course graduates will be able to instantly spot the many idiotic statements and proposals that bombard us daily about economic issues.  Such statements spew forth from those in both high and low places.  It is important to be able to authoritatively and confidently explain why these ideas are not only wrong, but counterproductive and destructive to everyone’s welfare.
Roy Minet · February 6, 2023

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Roy Minet

Roy Minet is a physicist and IT professional. He has researched all aspects of elections for the past fourteen years.

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