Posted on April 8, 2023

I have an idea. Am wondering if this is a space where like minded people can join me for curiosity or support.

The pitch:

1People is a Global-Nation. (Non-geographically bounded collection of people with shared culture and values.)

1People is a Voluntary-State. (Fully opt-in, opt-out, government founded on the basis of zero-aggression principles.)

1People is transparent and decentralized. (Individual and corporate identity, life-event, ownership, and arbitration data framework that utilizes a verified, incentivized, decentralized file storage system.)

1People allows individuals to exceed international standards on identity verification, property records, status indicators, and arbitration documentation with the purpose of opting-out of militarized-despot states.

The ask:

Want in? Want to know more? Want to tell me why I’m wrong? Want to tell me what it’s missing? Comment or send me a reply message.