My FB Blog post today

Posted on January 21, 2023[0]=AZX6f1jL-v0upnnHzKbI0Bc3YXyt7hEyJAtwq-vtEqeL20xzOdwz0eNu4ecoxKo9eHgVXr9rlZX2bZem8nvIdzf2cLBlyuJ_wXl99Md_DFdIAHPuCaRhowVa-duzNS8BbR5eYVdK-BZ0sAlz8sWCJFjDU0xaLD6GHMmOs0bT6gqaI6Em9awvuNhKJEJerqVrTjHAXHTpCoxADnxjuqx0w8pS&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R
STILL HAVE A lot of anger & fear/ anxiety -COVID related- MADE ME MORE APT TO BE FREE Of Gov. Control
RESISTENCE IS THE SAME DEGREE Now going on 3 years since I’ve gone out in public- NOT Free, LOCKED IN! I’M refusing to go out! BUT I AM BEGGING AT HEART, TO JUST LET LOOSE AND GO (Mind will not ALLOW me to budge)    WHINE ” JO HELP!”.

Janet*My beloved PT from Shriners -Erie* OPENING her own PT practice since EMPLOYMENT enforced “vaccine required” policy got here fired from Shriners AFTER DEDICATING 28+ years of her life to me and all those kids!! MAD AT THIS INJUSTICE… But now she’s getting this place going. SO EXCITED FOR HER. PROUD… And all I’m wishing for is: COME GET ME, OUT OF THE HOUSE! WANT TO STAY WITH YOU! PLAY & GET SOME PT with my girl PLEASE!