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Embracing a More Sustainable, Holistic Lifestyle

HFL Admin November 12, 2022

As you’ve unlikely noticed, countless people are turning away from all of that. They’re declining the instant, mass-produced, throwaway practices embraced by the post-war generation. Instead, they’re revisiting the back-to-the-land movement popular in the 1970s. In fact, many are also embracing practices and techniques that were prevalent from the iron age through to the Industrial Revolution.

Furthermore, many who embrace homesteading feel like they don’t “fit in” with the standard crowd. Maybe they have different religious beliefs or alternative family structures. Or their personal values are in opposition to those around them. As a result, they find immense freedom and peace in a natural setting, embracing self-sufficiency and harmony with nature.

Spinning wheels are now popular among people of all ages. Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with gardening and herbal medicine tutorials, as well as canning and dehydrating recipes. Young people are trading knitting patterns with their grandparents.

It’s wonderful to see, and even better to be a part of. Best of all, anyone can be a homesteader! You can adapt whatever space and time you have to a more fulfilling, sustainable, self-reliant life.