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Why Homestead Today? Why is this Even a Thing?

HFL Admin November 12, 2022

Human beings have always had a complicated relationship with the land. We depend on good soil, water, and sunshine for growing food. That said, many of our ancestors worked themselves half to death on their land, trying to stay alive. As cities developed and expanded, many chose to abandon farm life for a more comfortable urban existence instead.

After all, it was a lot easier to go buy supplies than do back-breaking labor in the fields for the same items.

Many people have become disillusioned with aspects of modern life. Sure, there are a lot of conveniences, but there are many negative sides to each of them.

For example, buying pre-made food at the store is convenient. But many of those foods are packed with preservatives, sugar, and “fillers.” There’s also the ethical aspect. Industrial farming is devastating to both animals and the environment. Cheap labor and indentured servitude (slavery) are common in developing countries, where much of our food is grown.

Additionally, many people are accustomed to cheap, disposable items instead of well-made pieces that last a lifetime. Hand-carved wooden spoons are more expensive and require more care than plastic ones. And why waste time making something themselves when they can buy it?